Installer CreateInstall Light

Unlike the full version of CreateInstall, CreateInstall Light is aimed at simplicity and ease-of-use, rather than flexibility and power. This version is a perfect alternative to more expensive installers. You can create high-quality installation packages for your applications without having to spend extra time studying and configuring a lot of unclear functions.

CreateInstall Light is an inexpensive installer that can be used to quickly create installation packages for your software. It has a simple and intuitive interface that is very easy to learn. The Light version has several additional features not available with CreateInstall Free, which makes it an ideal tool for creating installation packages that meet all the necessary requirements.

Here are just some of the features of CreateInstall Light:

  • Two compression algorithms, one to perfectly compress and the other to quickly unpack
  • Inclusion of your own logos and graphics
  • Function for creating multilingual installation packages
  • Password protection and encryption of packed files
  • A range of dialog boxes: license, readme, installation path, etc
  • In addition to unpacking, a file copy function (ie from a CD/DVD)
  • Option to write values to the Registry and INI files
  • ActiveX, font and extension registration
  • Shortcut creation in any location
  • Running of additional programs
  • Visual Basic and DAO run-time packages
  • Uninstall program creation
  • Creation of installation packages from the command line and supporting external preprocess macros